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RESOURCES – Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainability

In times when resources are scarce, it is one’s social responsibility and an economic necessity to use them sustainably, purposefully and efficiently.

RESOURCES has research and development (R&D) expertise in the following areas:

  • Water management, water prospecting and protection of water resources;
  • Geophysics, geothermal energy, geotechnics, hydrogeology and economic geology ; and
  • Use of renewable energy, optimization of the use of natural resources and their environmental impact.

Our skills in the development of relevant new technologies and procedures complement our R&D expertise. We provide risk assessments and tailor-made solutions.


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Zukunftsmodell Bioraffinerie
Langfristig müssen fossile Ressourcen wie Erdöl und Erdgas durch erneuerbare Rohstoffe und Energieträger ersetzt werden.

Zukunftsmodell Bioraffinerie

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