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First International Workshop on Tools for Creating XR Media Experiences



09:00 - 17:00



Extended Reality (XR), which includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), creates entirely new ways for consumers to experience the world around them and interact with it. Within the last few years, improvements in sensor technology and processing power have led to tremendous advances in all aspects of XR hardware, and due to economies of scale of the massively growing XR market these devices are available now at a reasonable price point. On the production side, powerful low-cost systems for capturing 3D objects and volumetric video and 360° videos make it possible to create budget VR/AR productions. The same applies to the consumption side, where VR headsets like the Oculus Go or Playstation VR provide a highly immersive VR experience which is affordable for everyone.


Experts of the Smart Media Solutions Research Group (Institute DIGITAL of JOANNEUM RESEARCH) will organize the workshop, which will be held in conjunction with virtual conference IEEE ICME 2020. The workshop asks for original contributions on new approaches, technologies and tools for creating, processing and delivering interactive XR media (3D/CGI content/point clouds, 360° video, 3DoF+/6DoF video, volumetric video, spatial audio, etc.). The workshop is organized as a collaboration of the H2020 projects Hyper360, ImAc and VRTogether. Hannes Fassold, Key Researcher of Institute DIGITAL will contribute to the virtual conference with the paper.