3rd EAI International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems

04.12.2019 - 06.12.2019

09:00 - 18:00

Forum Braga



INTSYS 2019 is part of the 5th annual Smart City 360˚Summit, promoting multidisciplinary scientific collaboration to solve complex societal, technological and economic problems of emerging Smart Cities.


The objective of the conference is threefold:

1.To enable researchers in ITS to share their achievements and findings in different areas of Intelligent Transport Systems and logistics

2.To bring together the relevant ITS stakeholders and to address the following questions:

  • What role has research and end users in the development of ITS solutions?
  • How can the industry maximise the use of research outcomes?
  • Can there be intelligent logistics operations in city distribution process?

3. Raise collaboration among different research fields


Dr. Florian Krebs (Key Researcher at JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL) will contribute to the conference with the oral presentation.