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A spatial planetary image database in the context of processing

Gerhard Paar, K. Willner, E. Tasdelen, the PRoViDE project team

A virtual environment for the accurate geologic analysis of Martian terrain

Christoph Traxler, Gerhard Paar, Sanjeev Gupta, Gerd Hesina, Kathrin Sander, Rob Barnes, Bernhard Nauschnegg, Jan-Peter Muller, Yu Tao

Airborne multi-sensor management support system for emergency teams in natural disasters

A. Almer , T. Schnabel, H. Raggam and A. Koefler and R. Wack and R. Feischl

Camera based aeronautical metorological observation technologies

Rudolf Kaltenboeck and Jean-Philippe Andreu and Gerardus Croonen and Harald Ganster, Karin Hennermann and Markus Kerschbaum and Christoph Nowak and Stefan Mayer and Gregor Löscher and Erich Schmidt and Martin Steinheimer and Martina Uray

Embedding Sensor Visualization in Martian Terrain Reconstructions

Gerhard Paar, Gerd Hesina, Christoph Traxler, Valérie Ciarletti, Dirk Plettemeier, Christoph Statz, Kathrin Sander, Bernhard Nauschnegg

Geological interpretation and analysis of surface based, spatially referenced planetary imagery data using PRoGIS 2.0 and Pro3D

R. Barnes, S. Gupta, M. Giordano, J.G. Morley, J. P. Mulle, Y. Tao, J. Sprinks, C. Traxler, G. Hesina, T. Ortne, K. Sander, B. Nauschnegg, G. Paar, K. Willner, T. Pajdla.

Globally Optimal DSM Fusion

Roland Perko and Christopher Zach

Interferometric Control for Mapping and Quantifying the 2012 Breakup of Matusevich Ice Shelf, Severnaya Zemlya

Aleksey Sharov , Dmitry Nikolskiy and Ksenia Troshko and Zinaida Zaprudnova

Knowledge Strategies in Organisations a Case for the Barcamp Format

S. Dennerlein and R. Gutounig and R. Kaiser and C. Barreiros and R. Rauter

Multi-sensor Concert Recording Dataset Including Professional and User-generated Content

Werner Bailer, Chris Pike and Rik Bauwens and Reinhard Grandl and Mike Matton and Marcus Thaler

Multilevel "forest firefighting - management system" for an optimized operational guidance of ground and air forces leadership in forest fire situations

Alexander Almer, Thomas Schnabel, Roland Perko and Hannes Raggam and Armin Koefler and Michael Schmidt , ]Harald Schlemmer and Eral Turkyilmaz and Richard Feischl

New tools to map and visualise the geology of Mars

R. Barnes, S. Gupta, M. Giordano, J.G. Morley, J. P. Muller, Y. Tao, J. Sprink, C. Traxler, G. Hesina, T. Ortner, K. Sander, B. Nauschnegg, G. Paar, K. Willner, E. Tasdelen, T. Pajdla