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Playful motivation for daily multimodal training and diagnostics: the AktivDaheim/ PLAYTIME solution for people with dementia

Lucas Paletta, Alexander Lerch and Manuela Kuenstner and Josef Steiner and Mariella Panagl and Maria Fellner , Christian Kemp and Lara Pittino amd Sybille Reidl

Playful Multimodal Training and Diagnostics of People with Dementia: Advanced Flexibility in Care and Daily Monitoring with 'AktivDaheim' Technology

Paletta, L., Konstner, M. and Panagl, M. and Steiner, J. and Lerch A. and Lerch, M. and Lefkopoulos, P.and Fellner, M.

The PanCam Instrument for the ExoMars Rover

AJ. Coates and R. Jaumann and AD. Griffiths et al.

Towards Real-time Probabilistic Evaluation of Situation Awareness from Human Gaze in Human-Robot Interaction

Paletta, L., Dini, A., Murko, C., Yahyanejad, S., Schwarz, M., Lodron, G., Ladstätter, S., Paar, G., Velik, R.

Ubiquitous Access to Digital Cultural Heritage

Christin Seifert and Werner Bailer, Thomas Orgel and Louis Gantner and Roman Kern and Hermann Ziak and Albin Petit and Stefan Zicklbauer and Michael Granitzer

UK Space Agency "Mars Utah Rover Field Investigation 2016" (MURFI 2016). Overview of Mission, Aims and Progress

M.R. Balme and M.C. Curtis-Rouse and S. Banham and D. Barnes and R. Barnes and A. Bauer and C. Bedford and J. Bridges and C. Traxler et al

Copernicus Global Land Hot Spot Monitoring Service – Accuracy Assessment and Area Estimation Approach

, Gabriel Jaffrain, Adrien Moiret, Andreas Brink, Zoltan Szantoi, Stefan Kleeschulte, Mathias Schardt, Conrad Bielski

On the Resilience of a QKD Key Synchronization Protocol for IPsec

Stefan Marksteiner S., Rainer B., Maurhart O.

Landslide mapping and monitoring by using radar and optical remote sensing: Examples from the EC-FP7 project SAFER

Casagli N., Cigna F. , Bianchini S., Hölbling D., Füreder P., Righini G. , Del Conte S., Friedlc B., Schneiderbauer S., Iasiog C., Vlcko J., Greif V., Proske H., Granica K., S. Falco, Lozzi S., Mora O., Arnaud A., Novali F., Bianchi M.

PRo3D®: A tool for geological analysis of Martian rover-derived digital outcrop models

Robert Barnes, Sanjeev Gupta, Christoph Traxler, Gerd Hesina, Thomas Ortner, Gerhard Paar, Benjamin Huber

Indicative hazard maps for landslides in Styria; Austria

Prokse Herwig, Bauer Christian