A Survey of Advanced Content Management Tools for TV Postproduction

Publikation aus Digital

Werner Bailer , Klaus Schoeffmann and Frank Hopfgartner

TV Content Analysis: Techniques and Applications , 1/2012


In TV post-production, a crucial task is to efficiently organize large amounts of audiovisual content and to select the most appropriate segments for new productions. The content sets are often sparsely annotated and the process relies crucially on the knowledge of the staff about the content of the materials. This is not only a cost issue but it also hinders the transformation of production processes towards more flexible and distributed workflows. Providing additional metadata and more intuitive ways for exploring and navigations content collections is a way to overcome this problem.  Content-based tools can efficiently support specific tasks in the entire chain of manual content management (e.g., content navigation, content selection and filtering, content annotation) and play an important role in facilitating TV post-production. In this chapter we present a survey of tools and algorithms for interactive video
 browsing and navigation, with a focus on two important content domains in TV production: news and entertainment content. The first includes news bulletins and news magazines, and the second encompasses series, soaps and shows, but excludes types of content that are typically produced outside the TV context, such as movies. We analyze usage paradigms for interactive search, browsing and content navigation. Finally, evaluation and benchmarking initiatives related to the tools presented in the chapter are discussed. The chapter concludes by outlining possible future research issues.