An Authoring System for Interactive Mobile TV Services Using MPEG-7 and MPEG-4 LASeR

Publikation aus Digital

Hofmann A., Kriechbaum A., Bailer W.

Journal of Digital Information Management, Volume 8, pages 37 - 48, 2/2010


Consuming mobile TV services is becoming increasingly popular. As hand held devices are personal and used in a lean-forward mode, they are well suited for interactive TV. The porTiVity system provides authoring tools for mobile interactive content that allow attaching interactivity to moving objects in a TV program. We describe automatic and semi-automatic annotation tools that create content descriptions represented as MPEG-7 documents. The descriptions of moving objects are then transformed into MPEG-4 LASeR, which is a suitable lightweight format for visualisation and interactivity on the mobile device. Since mobile devices are well suited for consuming personalised services we describe different personalisation aspects. We show the use of
 the authoring components of porTiVity in two example scenarios.