Bringing Video Communication to the Community: Opportunities and Challenges

Publikation aus Digital

I. Kegel, P. Cesar, M.F. Ursu, R. Kaiser, J. Jansen

Paris, France The Workshop on the Future of Personal Video Communication: Moving Beyond Talking Heads to Shared Experiences, in conjunction with in conjunction with the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Paris, France, April 27, 2013., 4/2013


The rise of online social networks, the wide availability of video communication technology and the deployment of high-speed broadband networks together provide the opportunity for video to become a medium for mass social communication among communities. However, current solutions provide poor support for ad hoc social interactions among multiple groups of participants. This position paper summarises the results of more than 5 years research to make communication and engagement easier between groups of people separated in space. It shows how communication can be effectively combined with different shared activities, and how the technical capabilities of Communication Orchestration and Dynamic Composition work together to improve the quality of human interactions. The paper also describes ongoing work to develop the Service-Aware Network as a means of optimising the quality of a users communication experience while making most efficient use of network resources. We believe these developments could enable video-mediated communication to become an effective and accepted enabler for social communication within community groups globally.