Comparison of SRTM-NED to LIDAR derived canopy metrics

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L. Kenyi, R. Dubayah, M. Hofton, J.B. Blair, Schardt M.

Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Barcelona, Spain, 23 - 27 July. (pdf angefordert) , 2007


Forest canopy height derived from the SRTM-NED were compared to three LIDAR vegetation metrics for the Sierra Nevada forest. Generally the SRTM-NED was found to under estimate the vegetation canopy height. The SRTM SAR signal was found to penetrate, on average, into 44% of the canopies. The residual errors as a function of LVIS canopy height and cover were found to generally increase with height and cover. Likewise, the RMSE was found to initially increase with canopy height and cover but saturates at 50 m height and 60% cover.