Enterprise Wikis Types of Use, Benefits and Obstacles: A Multiple-Case Study

Publikation aus Digital

Stocker, Alexander and Tochtermann, Klaus

Communications in Computer and Information Science , 1/2011


In this paper we present the results of our explorative multiple-case study investigating enterprise wikis in three Austrian cases. Our contribution was highly motivated from the ongoing discussion on Enterprise 2.0 in science and practice, but the lack of well-grounded empirical research on how enterprise wikis are actually designed, implemented and more importantly utilized. We interviewed 7 corporate experts responsible for wiki operation and about 150 employees supposed to facilitate their daily business by using the wikis. The combination of qualitative data from the expert interviews and quantitative data from the user survey allows generating very interesting insights. Our crosscase analysis reveals commonalities and differences on usage
 motives, editing behaviour, individual and collective benefits, obstacles, and more importantly, derives a set of success factors guiding managers in future wiki projects.