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Wissenschaftliche Publikation

First Results on Monitoring Glacier Dynamics with the Aid of Terrestrial

Publikation aus Digital

Avian M., Bauer A.

Universität Graz -Institut für Geographie , 2006


Terrestrial laser scanning is a quite new technique for glacier monitoring.
 Long-range laser scanners are able to acquire high-resolution 3D
 data of surface structures. They can achieve measuring distances
 up to a few kilometres of range with accuracy in the range of a few
 centimetres. We report on an integrated system that is capable of
 3D motion and deformations of glacier (especially glacier fronts)
 within a single day‘s measurement campaign, including logistics and
 evaluation. The Pasterze glacier in the Hohe Tauern National Park
 (Central Alps, Austria) has been monitored during the last years
 beginning with 2001. Results give a clear picture of comprehensive
 modifi cations of
 the entire area. At least three zones of a collapsing of the ice body
 are detectable as well as a different behaviour of the bare ice and
 debris covered glacier tongue. Surface elevation changes in paraglacial
 areas such as adjacent slopes and newly developed kame terraces are
 available area wide for further analyses.