Harnessing Semantic Web technologies for solving the Dilemma of Content Providers

Publikation aus Digital

Claudia Wagner C., Scheir P., Stocker A., Halb W.

Graz, Austria 6th International Conference on Semantic Systems (I-SEMANTICS 2010), 9/2010


The current business model of online newspapers is to create content and publish it on the Web. Content in turn attracts users to the online presence of a newspaper. This attention of users is monetized by presenting advertisements to them. The revenue of online content providers is mainly generated by advertisement and strongly depends on the number of users consuming their content. Therefore - in general - content providers aim to attract as many users as possible with their content. However, to a large extent content providers make their content only available on one individual site in an unstructured form and consequently limit the accessibility and reusability of their content. Several reasons for this exist, among them are the way news have been published in the past, intellectual property rights and the way advertisements are currently sold. In this paper we inspect the current situation of online newspapers and propose solutions for the current dilemma of content providers. We illustrate how Semantic Web technologies can help content providers to open their content, i.e. making their content reusable and integrable for third parties, without loss in revenue.