Impact LiDAR: A Software Package for Automatic Derivation of Forest Parameters from LiDAR data

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Deutscher J., Granica K., Hirschmugl M., Wimmer A., Steinegger M., Gallaun H., Mollatz M., Schardt M.

Proceeding of 3rd EARSeL Workshop SIG on Forestry, Krakow, PL , 1/2016


In the frame of the EUFODOS project we investigated the potential of LiDAR data for deriving forest parameters. We developed a modular remote sensing software package called Impact LiDAR which can process ALS data for large areas. The software first segments the input data to homogeneous forest stands and then automatically derives forest parameters for each segment. The major forest parameters are: the mean height of the dominant layer, the total number of trees per hectare or polygon and the crown cover density. In combination with ground sampling and satellite data also the timber volume and the broadleaf/coniferous percentage can be derived. We used the Impact LiDAR software to produce a forest map of the Austrian federal state of Styria with unprecedented spatial resolution and thematic detail.