Improved Person Detection in Industrial Environments using Multiple Self-Calibrated Cameras

Publikation aus Digital

Roland Moerzinger and Marcus Thaler and Severin Stalder and Helmut Grabner and Luc Van Gool

2011 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-Based Surveillancei (AVSS) , 1/2011


Person detection is a challenging task in industrial environments which typically feature rapidly changing conditions of illumination and the presence of occluding objects and cluttered background. This paper proposes a series of algorithms for improving the robustness of person detection in such harsh industrial environments. Based on a state-ofthe- art person detector, significant robustness and automation is achieved by introducing automatic ground plane estimation, confidence filtering, cross-camera correspondence estimation and multi-camera fusion. Detailed experiments made on an industrial dataset that captures an automotive assembly process show the stepwise improvement when combining the above mentioned techniques in a fully unsupervised manner.