Integrated autonomous navigation in a large planetary exploration and service rover (extented Abstract)

Publikation aus Digital

A.Medina and L.Mollinedo and C.Pradalier and G.Paar and E.Pensavalle and F.Didot and P.Schoonejans

i-SAIRAS 2010 , 1/2010


With the success of NASA MER rovers Spirit and Opportunity and newly arising objectives in robotic and human exploration of Moon and Mars in terms of mobility, there is an increase in the interest of Space Agencies for developing new rover prototypes. In this context the European Space Agency (ESA) awarded the Eurobot Ground Prototype (EGP) Project to an industrial consortium lead by Thales Alenia Space Italia. Within this project, GMV is responsible of the development
 of the mobile platform EGP-Rover with Technical University of Zurich (ETHZ) and Joanneum Research (JR) from Austria as subcontractor.