Linked Data and multimedia: the state of affairs

Publikation aus Digital

Schandl B., Haslhofer B., Bürger T., Langegger A., Halb W.

Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol.59, 523-556, 5/2012


Linked Data is a way of exposing and sharing data as resources on the Web and interlinking them with semantically related resources. In the last three years significant amounts of data have been generated, increasingly forming a globally connected, distributed data space. For multimedia content, metadata are a key factor for efficient management, organization, and retrieval. However, the relationship between multimedia and Linked Data has been rarely studied, leading to a lack of mutual
 awareness and, as a consequence thereof, technological deficiencies. This article introduces the basic concepts of Linked Data in the context of multimedia metadata, and discusses techniques to generate, expose, discover, and consume Linked Data. It shows that a large amount of data sources exist, which are ready to be exploited by multimedia applications. The benefit of Linked Data in two multimedia-related applications is discussed and open research issues are outlined with the goal of bringing the research fields of multimedia and Linked Data closer together in order to facilitate mutual benefit.