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Wissenschaftliche Publikation

MARIA Mobile Assistance for Barrier-Free Mobility in Public Transportation

Publikation aus Digital

Paletta, L., Sefelin, R. and Ortner, J. and Manninger, J. and Wallner, R. and Hammani-Birnstingl, M. and Radoczky, V. and Luley, P., Scheitz, W. and Rath, O. and Tscheligi, M. and Moser, B. and Amlacher, K. and and Almer, A.

Proc. 15th International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society, CORP 2010, Vienna, June , 1/2010


The objective of MARIA is the development of a mobile service for continuous assistance with the purpose of barrier-free usage of public transportation. Relevant social communities such as elderly people, illiterates and immigrants are completely involved in technical design and evaluation. The innovative service includes image based text recognition and translation, location awareness and mobile speech recognition.