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Wissenschaftliche Publikation

Open Challenges in Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis of Human Behaviour in Human-Human and Human-Machine Interactions

Publikation aus Digital

Ferdinand Fuhrmann , ]Rene Kaiser and Alessandro Vinciarelli and Anna Esposito and Elisabeth Andräe and Francesca Bonin and Mohamed Chetouani and Jeffrey F. Cohn and Marco Cristani and Elmer Gilmartin and Zakia Hammal and Dirk Heylen and Maria Koutsombogera and Alexandros Potamianos and Steve Renals and Giuseppe Riccardi and Albert Ali Salah

, 1/2015


Modeling, analysis and synthesis of behaviour are the subject of major efforts in computing science, especially when it comes to technologies that make sense of humanhuman and human-machine interactions. This article outlines some of the most important issues that still need to be addressed to ensure substantial progress in the field, namely 1) development and adoption of virtuous data collection and sharing practices, 2) shift of the focus of interest from individuals to dyads and groups, 3) endowment of artificial agents with internal
 representations of users and context, 4) modeling of cognitive and semantic processes underlying social behaviour, and 5) identification of application domains and strategies for moving from laboratory to the realworld products.