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Existing and Emerging Technologies

Publikation aus Digital

Grego St., Sarachino M.(ACS), Clemenceau, D. Fournier P.(E-Vod), Dumas F., Frambourt D., Gouyet J., Perrier A., Varra J.(INA), Brunelli R., Cettolo M.(ITC/IRST), DI Kurt Majcen, Noll (R.NTEC), Airola D., Cangialosi S., Dimino G.(RAI), Letienne G.(Vectracom)

, 1/2001


A survey and a state of the art of existing and emerging preservation technologies: Old technology, current status of old analogue media and their associated playback devices; Current and emerging digital techniques that can be used for preservation; Examples of current processes using these techniques; Elements of costs.