The Beagle 2 stereo camera system

Publikation aus Digital

A.D. Griffiths, A.J. Coates, J.-L. Josset, Paar G., B. Hofmann, D. Pullan, P. Rüffer, M.R. Sims and C.T. Pillinger

Planetary and Space Science Volume 53, Issues 14-15 ,


The stereo camera system (SCS) was designed to provide wide-angle multi-spectral stereo imaging of the Beagle 2 landing site. Based on the Space-X micro-cameras, the primary objective was to construct a digital elevation model of the area in reach of the lander's robot arm. The SCS technical specifications and scientific objectives are described; these included panoramic 3-colour imaging to characterise the landing site; multi-spectral imaging to study the mineralogy of rocks and soils beyond the reach of the arm and solar observations to measure water vapour absorption and the atmospheric dust optical density. Also envisaged were stellar observations to determine the lander location and orientation, multi-spectral observations of Phobos & Deimos and observations of the landing site to monitor temporal changes.