The MPEG-7 Audiovisual Description Profile Standard for Describing Results of Automatic Annotation Services

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Mike Matton and Werner Bailer, Masanori Sano and Alberto Messina and Jean-Pierre Evain and Peter Schallauer

Proceedings of the FIAT/IFTA Conference , 1/2013


Broadcast archives are valuable, and adding metadata is a crucial part of both the archival process and the re-activation of archive content. Metadata standards are crucial to enable interoperable content exchange. As manual annotation is very time consuming and expensive, many archives lack the resources to perform this task and rely on automatic extraction of time-coded metadata. These technologies have in common that they produce metadata on a fine level of granularity, e.g., per segment, frame or even regions in a frame. The EBU MIM-SCAIE working group has developed the MPEG-7 Audiovisual Description Profile (AVDP), which reduces the complexity of the overall MPEG-7 MDS schema by selecting only the subset needed for broadcasting. This paper describes this profile and some selected applications that are able to work with AVDP.