Workshop on Quality Assurance in Computer Vision, 29th Conference on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS-2016), October 17-19 Graz/Austria

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Iulia Nica and Franz Wotawa and Gerhard Jakob, Kathrin Juhart

Testing Computer Vision Applications - An Experience Report on Introducing Code Coverage Analysis in the Field , 1/2016


In this paper we present our work in progress in defining a suitable testing and validation methodology to be used within computer vision (CV) projects. Typical quality assurance (QA) measures, targeting the applicability in real-world scenarios, are meant here to complement the research on specific computer vision methods. While inspecting the existing literature in the domain of CV performance evaluation, we first identified the main challenges the CV researchers have to deal with. Second, as every vision algorithm eventually takes the form of a software program, we followed the classic software development process and performed an in depth code coverage analysis in order to assure the quality of our test suites and pinpoint code areas that need to be reviewed. This further leaves us with the questions of which test coverage tool to prefer in our situation and whether we can introduce some specific evaluation criteria for identifying the right tool to be used within a CV project. In this article we also contribute to answering these questions.