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Application of PRo3D to Quantitative Analysis of Stereo-Imagery Collected During the Mars Utah Rover Field Investigation (MURFI) Analogue Rover Trials

R. Barnes, S. Gupta, M. Gunn, DI Gerhard Paar , B. Huber, A. Bauer, K. Furya, M.P. Caballo-Perucha, C. Traxler, G. Hesina, T. Ortner, J.-P. Muller

Kartographie "on Demand": Generierung virtueller Landschaften aus Fernerkundungs- und GIS-Daten

Thomas Blaschke, Robert Meisner, DI Alexander Almer , Stelzl H., Nils Sparwasser, Dirk Tiede, Stefan Land

LAWIS (Landes-Wetter-Informations-System OOE ) - DIBMETSAT (Digitale Bildverarbeitung gestuetzte Meteorologie-Services fuer Air Traffic Management)

DI Dr. Harald Ganster , Karin Hennermann and Rudolf Kaltenboeck and Markus Kerschbaumand Guenter Mahringer and Heinz Mayer and Christoph Nowak and Martina Uray and Gernot Waldsam

Merged Shape from Shading and Shape from Stereo for Planetary Topographic Mapping

Laurence Tyler and Tony Cook and Dave Barnes (1), DI Gerhard Paar , Randolph Kirk

The Acoustic Situation at the St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

M. Fellner, DI Dr. Franz Graf , G. Graber, J. Egger, T. Rohde

The Beagle 2 stereo camera system

A.D. Griffiths, A.J. Coates, J.-L. Josset, DI Gerhard Paar , B. Hofmann, D. Pullan, P. Rüffer, M.R. Sims and C.T. Pillinger