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Wissenschaftliche Publikationen


1350 Publikationen:

On the Resilience of a QKD Key Synchronization Protocol for IPsec

Stefan Marksteiner S., Rainer B., Maurhart O.

Landslide mapping and monitoring by using radar and optical remote sensing: Examples from the EC-FP7 project SAFER

Casagli N., Cigna F. , Bianchini S., Hölbling D., Füreder P., Righini G. , Del Conte S., Friedlc B., Schneiderbauer S., Iasiog C., Vlcko J., Greif V., Proske H., Granica K., S. Falco, Lozzi S., Mora O., Arnaud A., Novali F., Bianchi M.

PRo3D®: A tool for geological analysis of Martian rover-derived digital outcrop models

Robert Barnes, Sanjeev Gupta, Christoph Traxler, Gerd Hesina, Thomas Ortner, Gerhard Paar, Benjamin Huber

Indicative hazard maps for landslides in Styria; Austria

Prokse Herwig, Bauer Christian

4th International Workshop on Interactive Content Consumption at ACM TVX'16

Meixner B., Bailer W., Wijnants M., Kaiser R., Jäger J., Bauwens R., Bentley F.

Live UGC Stream Selection Using Quality Metadata

Thaler M., Horti A., Hofmann A., Wechtitsch S., Bailer W., Hofmeister W., Steiner J., Grandl J.

Real-time Metadata Extraction from UGC Video

Thaler M., Horti A., Hofmann A., Bailer W., Hofmeister W., Steiner J., Grandl R.

Alphasat Aldo Paraboni Payload IOT campaign and Status after the First Year of Operation

Schmidt M. , J. Ebert J. and Cuervo F. and Di Cola F. and Pandolfi A. and Di Paolo G. and Rivera J. and E. Benzi E. and Martellucci A. and Falzini F. and Salaris P. and Coviello E. and De Viti E. and Riva C. and Luini L. and Codispoti G. and Russo E. and Parca G.

Alphasat Aldo Paraboni Propagation Experiment in Graz at Frequency Scaling Analysis

Cuervo F. and Plimon K. and Schoenhuber M. , Martellucci A. and Castro J.R