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Travel Directions

How to reach us

By Air

From the Graz Airport, it is best to take a taxi. The cost is ca. € 20.-; travel time is ca. 20 min.

As an alternative, a city bus connects the airport to the center of Graz (Jakominiplatz). Travel time is ca. 20 min. Bus schedule 

From Jakominiplatz to us, you can take Tram 6 for two stations in the direction „St. Peter Schulzentrum“ and exit the tram at the station „Neue Technik“. From there, it is only about 200 m to us (Steyrergasse 17).


From the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), you can either take a taxi or Tram 6 in the direction "St. Peter Schulzentrum", exiting the tram at the station "Neue Technik" (travel time: ca. 15 min).
The tram station "Neue Technik" is located at the intersection of the Münzgrabenstraße with the Steyrergasse. From there, it is only about 200 m to us (Steyrergasse 17).

Train connections to Graz: ÖBB

By car

From Vienna, Klagenfurt or Salzburg, use the exit “Graz-Ost“, then follow signs in the direction of the city center.

After 4.3 km, you will reach an intersection.  Turn right at the traffic light into the Münzgrabenstraße and drive another 1,8 km to the intersection with the Steyrergasse. Turn right into the Steyrergasse.
After the intersection, it is only ca. 200 m to reach us.

Customer and visitor parking spaces are found behind the company building. You can reach these by turning right in front of the building, then immediately turning left. Drive a few meters further and you will soon find a parking space.

Nearby hotels

Schönaugasse 53
A-8010 Graz 

From the Hotel to DIGITAL:

With a taxi, you will need ca. 3 min. Walking takes ca. 15 min.
When you leave the Augartenhotel, turn left and walk to the intersection with the Steyrergasse. Turn left into the Steyrergasse and follow the street to us (Steyrergasse 17).

Other Hotels:  please contact these individually using the information given on the website Graz Tourismus.

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