SilviLaser 2019

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

08.10.2019 - 10.10.2019

08:00 - 18:00

Iguazu Falls, Brazil


SilviLaser 2019 is the 16th conference in a series focused on the applications of lidar and related technologies for assessing and managing forest ecosystems. The conference brings together research scientists and practitioners from around the world to share their experience in the development and application of lidar to (1) improve our understanding of forest ecosystem structure and function and (2) facilitate sustainable forest management through (a) improved forest assessment and inventory and (b) enhanced silviculture decision support. SilviLaser 2017 also aims to strengthen and develop new linkages between researchers, data providers, and product end users.


JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL will present solutions and products for environmental monitoring, safety-related monitoring and mobile, multi-sensoral data collection and analysis.