79th Digitaldialog: C-ITS / CCAM ...

... or the battle of new technologies for hot markets in transport telematics

JOANNEUM RESEARCH with its DIGITAL - Institute for Information and Communication Technologies, hosted the 79th Digitaldialog, which took place on 26 January 2021. The speakers provided a highly topical insight into the technological and economic challenges in the design of a modern transport infrastructure.


Heinz Mayer im Studio von DIGITAL
Director Heinz Mayer moderates the Digital Dialogue on C-ITS / CCAM. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

In the near future, vehicles will communicate and interact directly with each other and with the infrastructure

Dr. Heinz Mayer, Director of the institute DIGITAL at JOANNEUM RESEARCH, moderated the event and opened with an outlook into the traffic telematics of tomorrow, which was attended by 120 people.

"All those of you who have a modern vehicle have noticed it: vehicles are networked. This concerns the communication from vehicles to other vehicles, to the infrastructure or even to the manufacturer. This offers a great many opportunities, such as transmitting traffic situations to road users in a timely manner, but it also presents technological as well as economic challenges."

A survey among the participants at the beginning also showed that more than 90% see a benefit in the vehicle communicating with the infrastructure and the immediate road users in the future. There is also a willingness to this extent for the vehicle to transmit information on its own.

Technological and economic challenges of networked mobility

Bernd DATLER, Managing Director of ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH, reported in his presentation on "The Future of Cooperative, Networked and Automated Mobility in the Austrian Motorway Network". He is particularly pleased to be able to say that after almost 15 years, when the first R&D considerations began, the first C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) stations are being rolled out this year. C-ITS warns of local danger spots and brings information from the infrastructure directly into the cockpit of the vehicle without the need for an extra device, an app, a subscription or a contract.

Bernd CAGRAN-HOHL, Head of Department for Traffic Control and Street Lighting of the City of Graz, gave an overview of the challenges of urban traffic management and the role of the City of Graz for the operation & further development of the overall system in his presentation "Last mile or most relevant challenge - CCAM Vision for Graz".

Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), a balanced intermodal mobility system with the ultimate goal to design a non-discriminatory control of mixed traffic, was presented by Karin KRASCHL-HIRSCHMANN, PhD, Head of the Department System Engineering and Innovation of Siemens Mobility Austria GmbH, in her lecture "C-ITS G5: The innovative technology for the WLAN of the road".

Martin RUSS, Managing Director of AustriaTech GmbH, spoke about the importance of data infrastructure for automated mobility in his presentation "C-ITS and the role of infrastructure for connected and automated mobility".

Finally, Gerhard GREINER, Managing Director of ALP.Lab GmbH, presented the topic "V2X communication or the vehicle and its environment: validation and technological outlook". ALP.Lab has developed a sophisticated test environment for safe testing of automated mobility applications, including public roads, proving grounds and facilities for data recording and processing.

A recording of the virtual event is available on the website [LINK].

The "Digitaldialogue" is a series of events organised by the Silicon Alps Cluster in cooperation with the partners FH Campus 02, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, IT Community Styria and FH Kärnten. At this series, which was already launched in 2011 by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency SFG, recognised technology experts provide insight into their field of activity.

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