ACstyria Business Lounge: Making Automated Mobility Tangible

Under the motto "Automated Mobility", the ACstyria Business Lounge took place at Graz Airport on 16.06.2021, where DIGITAL presented its unique mobile mapping system.

Patrick Luley presents the Mobile Mapping System built on a passenger car at the exhibition booth.
Head of the Research Laboratory for Highly Automated Driving, DI (FH) Patrick Luley. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Luley

As part of the "Automated Mobility Experienced" event organised by ACstyria and the ALP.Lab at Graz Airport, Patrick Luley presented DIGITAL's outstanding expertise in the automated creation of highly accurate digital twins. The UHDmaps® of test areas produced by DIGITAL are used as a reference for testing autonomous driving functions.

The "Leica Pegasus 2 Ultimate mobile mapping system" operated by JOANNEUM RESEARCH for this purpose is unique in Austria and was funded by the Styrian Future Fund. As part of the exhibition, Patrick Luley, Head of the Research Laboratory for Highly Automated Driving, was able to demonstrate the power of automated generation of digital twins and reference maps to the more than 70 participants at the event.