Advanced Manufacturing for Italy's Railway Industry

DIGITAL and MATERIALS have jointly participated in a virtual business mission to explore the potential applications of Styrian innovations for the Italian railway industry.

High-precision measurement of railway infrastructure.
High-precision measurement of railway infrastructure. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

The Austrian Foreign Trade Centre Milan of the WKO organised a virtual business mission on 14 April 2021 to establish and promote contact between Austrian companies and the Italian railway industry, specifically the FNM Group / Ferrovie Nord. JOANNEUM RESEARCH took this opportunity together with six other Austrian companies.

  • Harald Mayer and Matthias Rüther from DIGITAL presented relevant solutions and technologies in the form of smart sensor systems as data providers for planning, operation and maintenance.
  • Wolfgang Waldhauser and Vojislav Petrovic from MATERIALS presented the possibilities of laser and plasma processing as well as new solutions to brake force measurement.