C-ITS trade fair - visionary solutions for more road safety!

The ATTC invited experts from research and development as well as road operators and representatives of public administration to the ASFINAG site in Kaisermühlen for the C-ITS trade fair. DIGITAL was also present and was able to score with innovative solutions on the topic of digital twins in the road traffic area.

Patrick Luley and Stefan Ladstätter present a precise digital twin for the road traffic area at the C ITS trade fair
Credit: Markus Schieder, (from left to right) Stefan Ladstätter and Patrick Luley, JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL


The members of the Austrian Traffic Telematics Cluster showed the future state of the art for tomorrow's ITS traffic solutions on 18th October 2022. Patrick Luley and Stefan Ladstätter from the Remote Sensing and Geoinformation research group at the DIGITAL Institute present a precise digital twin of the traffic area, which, in combination with real-time traffic information and UHD maps, forms a new innovative basis for predicting dangerous situations.

C-ITS stands for cooperative intelligent transport systems and is paving the way for modern and networked mobility between road, rail and vehicles. With the help of C-ITS, the infrastructure and vehicles can immediately warn each other of local danger spots, bring current information directly into the vehicles, adjust the flow of traffic via intelligent traffic lights or give priority to emergency vehicles on emergency journeys.

Within the framework of the cooperative research project COPE (BMK), automatically detected potential hazards of vulnerable road users are sent out to all road users via C-ITS, thus making a significant contribution to increasing road safety.


More about the project COPE




Legend for real-time traffic information: red = vehicles, green = pedestrians, blue = cyclists