DIGITAL wins Challange for Innovative Public Procurement of WIENER LINIEN

Product of the "Intelligent Acoustic Solutions" research group to increase passenger safety was selected as the winner.

DIGITAL wins Challange for Innovative Public Procurement of WIENER LINIEN


As part of a challenge, WIENER LINIEN was looking for innovative solutions to increase the safety and the sense of security of passengers in public transport for stations, subways, buses and streetcars. WIENER LINIEN's goal is to make its passengers feel comfortable - safety is therefore a top priority and is supported by many measures.


The DIGITAL Institute's idea "More safety through acoustic monitoring" convinced the WIENER LINIEN jury and was chosen as the winner.

With acoustic monitoring, DIGITAL makes stops, subway stations, but also rolling stock such as buses, streets and subways safer. We detect dangerous situations in real time, which means that immediate measures can be initiated quickly and thus optimum safety can be achieved for passengers.


Miniature microphones that can be mounted inconspicuously on any infrastructure are used as sensors. The acoustic signals from the microphones are analyzed on site by a small computer. To ensure data protection and passenger privacy, this audio data is NOT stored and NOT transmitted over the network. The control center initiates the immediate measures based on the alarm message.


Currently, it can detect in real time cries for help, negative emotions in speech (e.g., roughhousing, etc.), as well as graffiti sprayers, tagging with pens on windows, and scratching with sharp objects on windows.






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