Digital Transformation and Blockchain in FinTech

DIGITAL presents the project Critical-chains at CONECT Informunity in Vienna.

Dr. Branka Stojanovic at her presentation.
Dr. Branka Stojanovic at her presentation. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Derler


On Sep 24th 2020, Dr. Branka Stojanovic and Christian Derler from the DIGITAL Competence Group for Cyber Security and Defence presented current research topics in the area of Cyber Security for the international financial sector.

Critical-Chains is a 3-year research and innovation project funded with the support of the European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme with a focus on IoT & Blockchain-Enabled Security Framework for FinTech Integrated New Generation Cyber-Physical Systems to support the Financial Sector. The project delivers a novel triangular accountability model and integrated framework supporting accountable, effective, accessible, fast, secure and privacy-preserving financial contracts and transactions to protect against illicit transactions, illegal money trafficking and fraud on FinTech e-operations. It will be provided as cloud-based “X-as-a Service” solution stack, involving different and innovative security technologies, including blockchain, biometrics, AI, and threat intelligence.