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Director Heinz Mayer accepted as board member of the Data Intelligence Offensive

As a member of the Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO), DIGITAL will help to support regional companies in digital transformation and value creation from data.

Director Dr. Heinz Mayer, Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH / Bergmann
Director Dr. Heinz Mayer, Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH / Bergmann

The Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO) is a platform for people, companies, organizations and public bodies to accelerate and promote the data economy and to optimize the use of technologies. It emerged from the flagship project Data Market Austria, which was carried out within the framework of the national funding program "ICT of the Future" of the BMK and the FFG.

The mission of the DIO is to support Austria's digital economy in taking on an international pioneering role in the intelligent use of data – among other things through big data analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning and deep learning methods.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH as the digital centre of the Southern Austria region supports this initiative, which helps to accompany the regional economy in the challenges of digital transformation and in creating value from data. Dr. Heinz Mayer, Director of the institute DIGITAL, will focus in particular on the development of the province of Styria and Southern Austria as a member of the board.

Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO)