Europeana survey on the use of artificial intelligence in the field of cultural heritage

We invite you to take part in a current survey on the use of artificial intelligence in the cultural sector. The survey is carried out by a Europeana Task Force, in which DIGITAL experts are involved.

Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/B. Bergmann (Schell Collection - Museum für Schatztruhen, Geheimschlösser und Eisenschmuck, Graz)

The digitisation of cultural heritage objects opens up new possibilities for preservation and presentation for research and practice in the field of cultural heritage. The field of digital cultural heritage has evolved and broadened its scope due to developments in digital technologies and society. Throughout Europe, galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs) are digitising their collections to provide easy access to cultural goods for the general public.

AI in the field of cultural heritage

Europeana provides a platform that enables cultural organisations to collaborate with users who want to research, share and create new content. To exploit the potential of artificial intelligence in the field of cultural heritage, Europeana has set up the AI for GLAM Task Force, which was launched in February 2020. It focuses on AI techniques used in the analysis and enrichment of digital collections, leading to improved search and browsing capabilities for users. Technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing including translation, text recognition, statistical analysis, machine image processing and text analysis algorithms are being examined in detail.

To this end, the Task Force has recently launched a survey aimed at experts in museums, libraries, archives and research institutions, as well as companies active in the cultural sector (technology providers, creative industries, etc.).

Our expert in Smart Media Solutions

DI Werner Bailer, Key Researcher at JOANNEUM RESEARCH – DIGITAL, is participating in the Task Force with his extensive experience in the research area of "Smart Media Solutions", especially the intelligent analysis of audio-visual content, machine learning and multimedia metadata.