Kick-off for PRESENT

With an innovative security-by-design approach, our DIGITAL and ROBOTICS researchers want to solve security problems of our time.

Credit: Fraunhofer Austria GmbH, Kick-Off-Meeting PRESENT
Credit: Fraunhofer Austria GmbH, Kick-Off-Meeting PRESENT


At the beginning of May 2023, the time had finally come - the starting signal for PRESENT - PREdictions for Science, Engineering N' Technology was given! The ICT lead project deals with the secure handling of data that accumulates in almost all areas of life in the course of digitization and digital transformation. Under the consortium leadership of Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH the DIGITAL and ROBOTICS Institute are now conducting cross-institutional research with 19 partners from research and industry to create a software tool in the sense of "security by design". The basis for the creation of the tool is time series analyses across three core areas: healthcare, production and building management. The goal is to prepare sensitive data in such a way that even users without expert knowledge can work with it.


We are looking forward to the collaboration and many exciting research results!


The PRESENT project is a lead project of the "ICT of the Future" funding program. This is a national funding program of the BMK and FFG.


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