Multimedia Analytics for Creating Interactive Radio Content at the MMM 2020

DIGITAL presented the latest research results in the field of Multimedia Analytics at the "26th International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling” (MMM) in Daejeon (South Korea).

Werner Bailer (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) with the participants of the MMM 2020. Credit: MMM 2020

The main topics of the MMM 2020 conference with about 180 participants, which took place from January 4th to 8th, included multimedia content analysis, multimedia signal processing and communications and multimedia applications and services.

Werner Bailer is presenting at the MMM 2020. Credit: MMM 2020

Werner Bailer, Key Researcher of the Institute DIGITAL gave a presentation on the topic “Multimedia Analytics Challenges and Opportunities for Creating Interactive Radio Content”. Creating interactive radio content still requires significant additional effort. The automatic annotation of audiovisual content (e.g., trough Machine Learning) and the creation of structuring and navigation features could be a first step towards exploiting the potential of interactive radio applications.

Werner Bailer at the MMM 2020. Credit: MMM 2020

This presentation was a part of a session on Multimedia Analytics, which deals with the use of automated multimedia analysis tools to support human decision-making. The session also included a panel discussion with all speakers on privacy, content verification and usability of multimedia retrieval applications.

Werner Bailer at the MMM 2020. Credit: MMM 2020

The Video Browser Showdown (VBS), co-organized by Werner Bailer, is an annual competition for interactive video search, which has been an integral part of the conference since MMM was held in Klagenfurt 2012. At VBS, researchers evaluate the efficiency of their interactive video retrieval tool on a shared data set in front of an audience. This year, ten teams from Europe and Asia participated to find video clips within a few minutes matching visual or textual questions in a 1,000 hours video collection. Both the presentations and the Video Browser Showdown were met with a very positive response from the audience.