3D-Measurements at more than 1000 degrees celsius

The new measuring method reduces energy consumption and increases safety in the production of very hot objects.

Furnace workers apply the 3D Reconstruction Method using stereoscopy Foto: IS Instruments

By the end of June the HiTES3D (High Temperature Environment 3D Stereo Measurement for Corrosion Monitoring) project was successfully finalized by the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Machine Vision Applications Group in cooperation with the UK SME IS Instruments. HiTES3D developed a stereovision-based prototype instrument designed for the 3D reconstruction and inspection in high temperature environments for corrosion monitoring and to detect cracks.

The HiTES3D final experiment was performed by IS Instruments from UK (Project Coordinator) at the Materials Processing Institute (MPI), UK in May 2015: Tests involved acquiring images of the entire internal circumference of a ladle. Measurements were taken when the ladle was cold and after it was heated to 1200 degrees Celsius.
Images acquired from the tests were used for 3D reconstruction by proprietary routines developed by JOANNEUM RESEARCH within HiTES3D.
3D reconstructions were displayed for the end user.

HiTES3D was funded by the "Eurostars Programme".