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This is Sparta! JOANNEUM RESEARCH is part of the large Cyber Security project initiative of the EU

On February 26, the green light was given for the major project SPARTA to develop the European Cyber Security Competence Network.

SPARTA Kick-Off Meeting. Crédit: SPARTA Konsortium


Cybersecurity and growing digitization represent a major challenge in the future. To ensure security in the long-term perspective, the best cyber security experts should work coordinated for to build and to develop a European network of cybersecurity centers, to reinforce research activities. SPARTA is one of four projects funded by the EU as part of the research program “Horizon 2020”. The all four projects will provide demonstration examples across cybersecurity issues, delivering innovative, marketable solutions, coping with the future cross-cutting challenges in cybersecurity.

CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) will chair the new cyber security competence network SPARTA. DIGITAL, the Institute for Information and Communication Technology of JOANNEUM RESEARCH, is represented as a project partner with the competence group "Cyber ​​Security and Defense", founded in 2018. It will participate in the SPARTA research program "HAII-T - High-Assurance Intelligent Infrastructure Tool-kit" for the secure orchestration of IoT networks by verifying security protocols using formal methods. "Our task within the project is to provide an interface function between Austria and Europe. We are very proud to be part of this EUR 16 million project by 2021 as an Austrian research institution ", explains DI Christian Derler, project manager at DIGITAL.





Competence Group Cyber Security and Defence @ DIGITAL