DIGITAL presents Video Quality Assessment

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Video QC on Europe‘s largest tradeshow.

IBC is the largest European trade show for broadcast technologies. Again, this year DIGITAL joins the event and presents two of its innovative results from their research.

The VidiCert software automates visual quality assessment in a two-step approach.

In the first step video or movie content is fully automatically analysed in regard to certain visual impairments, e.g. image noise, strong video distortions, black frame sections or blurriness. The gathered information is presented to the user for efficient verification in the second step. The result is a human verified quality report described in the standardised MPEG-7 Format.

New features include the capability of job-time optimization, new detectors for block dropout and for dust/dirt/hair level detection, improved detection performance and capabilities for many existing detectors.


The European project ICoSOLE (Immersive Coverage of Spatially Outspread Live Events) develops a video platform that lets users experience live events which are geographically spread out. That way festivals, parades or marathons can be experienced in an immersive way.

The Wall of Moments presents the clips uploaded by the visitors through a dedicated app. The so-called “Moments” are short video clips captured by selected visitors of an event and are displayed on a large screen on the festival site and on the internet. Being the project‘s coordinator JOANNEUM RESEARCH is responsible for the visual quality analysis of the user-recorded video clips. Poor quality video clips are a thing of the past!


Visit us!


IBC 2015 takes place from 11 to 15 September in Amsterdam. We are looking forward to your visit and will be happy to demonstrate the latest developments of VidiCert (booth 5.C41) and ICoSOLE (booth 8.F14)




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