AMIGO’s appearance at the 12th “Health Care Street” in EUROPARK Salzburg

"Care - Full speed ahead!" was the motto for this year’s presentation of health care innovations in Europark Salzburg on Saturday, 20th of October 2018.

f.l.t.r. Michaela SCHRUMPF, Margareta BRUCKNER, MBA, MSc,Margret HADER, DIin Maria Fellner, MBA (JR), Dr. Lucas Paletta (JR), DI Gerald Lodron (JR), Evelyn HÖLLERER, Ines HARTMANN, Michaela Eva Bartel Dkkfr. Photo: SALK/WILDBILD.

At more than 26 booths, visitors could learn about modern health care, observe the latest trends and receive practical information. JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL presented its newest innovation “AMIGO”, an innovative multisensory training system based on the social robot “Pepper”. AMIGO assists in the playful motivation of patients affected by dementia and provides integrated multimodal training sessions on a day to day basis.

The demographic change in Austria and Western European countries has a significant impact on nearly all areas of social life and is the main reason why "Active & Assisted Living" is a pillar of the JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL research agenda. The tiny robot "Amigo" made the show for everyone and demonstrated an exciting future for an ageing society.



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