A camera for the Mars-Rover

The Panoramic Camera for ESA's Mars Rover was calibrated by an expert from DIGITAL.

Calibration team members, Piluca Caballo-Perucha (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) and Ariel Ladegaard (Aberystwyth University), working in the non-PP zone of the ISO-5 cleanroom, Credit: M. de la Nougerede, UCL/MSSL 2019

A milestone for Mars research could be implemented with the support of the institute DIGITAL of JOANNEUM RESEARCH. DI Maria del Pilar Caballo Perucha, MSc was responsible for the geometric calibration for 3D vision of the Panoramic Camera (PanCam) for the Rosalind Franklin Rover at the University of London (UCL).

The Panoramic Camera is one of the key instruments of the Mars rover, which will be in daily use to decide where to drive the Mars vehicle and most importantly where to drill. From March 2021, the camera should deliver images to Earth.

The so-called ExoMars Rover is a Mars rover as part of the European Space Agency's (ESA) ExoMars program. The launch is planned for 2020.

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