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ESA Satcom Final Presentation Days 2019

DIGITAL presented advanced technology and products for innovative satellite communication.

Alphasat broadcasting from geostationary orbit. Credit: European Space Agency ESA
Q/V-Band Antenne. Hilmwarte Graz. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

The annual ESA "Satcom Final Presentation Days" took place from 28 January to 1 February 2019 at ESTEC, Noordwijk, the Netherlands. The event consisted of parallel sessions, panel discussions and elevator pitches as well as many opportunities to network and have one-ton-one interactions for to discuss showcases themed around satcom system & strategy (ARTES Future Preparation), close to the market (ARTES Competitiveness and Growth) and technology development for the future (ARTES Advanced Technology and TRP developments for satcom).

Satellite technology is the field of science, which is developing fast, and the applications for satellite technology are increasing all the time, being able to provide radio communications, weather forecasting, broadcasting, mapping and many more applications. JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL has been delivering top-rate performance for satellite communications, wave propagation and space experimentation - experiments, studies and small series for ESA, NASA and many other customers and project partners. The Q-/V-band satellite ground station, built in 2013, one of only three such civil stations worldwide, was an essential step made by JOANNEUM RESEARCH experts that clearly enables the future use of these maximum frequencies for satellite radio. DI Dr. Johannes Ebert and DI Harald Schlemmer, key researchers at the Institute DIGITAL contributed to the conference with two presentations on the topics “Advanced Air Interface Demonstrator for Future Mobile Interactive” and “Mobile Ka-Band Multimedia Receiver for Vehicles” and provided insights into new space developments, trends and consequences for institutions and industry, security challenges for space infrastructures. Presentations attracted a lot of attention and aroused great interest.



ESA Satcom Final Presentation Day

Space and Communication Technology @ JR-DIGITAL 

Q/V-Band Antenna @ JR-DIGITAL 

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