ICoSOLE & Dranouter – Research Meets Music Festival

The Dranouter music festival offers more than a pair of ears and eyes are able to hear and see. Through the media platform created by the ICoSOLE research project visitors can share the experience and catch up on what they missed!

The ICoSOLE capture app records video while performing quality analysis and capturing sensors data. It measures the technical video quality like blurring, luminance, exposure compensation and noise. The app allows uploading captured video and sensor data to a dedicated server. Foto: Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie NV

When seven research and media organisations from across Europe team up with a music festival state-of-the-art gets a double meaning. This year the visitors of the Dranouter festival not only get to experience top bands performing at Dranouter but will literally also have the latest media technology in their hands improve their own experiences – and those of their friends at home.

The European research project ICoSOLE (Immersive Coverage of Spatially Outspread Live Events)developed a video platform that lets users experience live events which are geographically spread out. That way festivals, parades or marathons can be experienced in an immersive way. “High-quality spatial video and audio is combined with user generated content”, Georg Thallinger, the project’s coordinator, explains.

Innovating the Festival Experience

The Wall of Moments presents the clips uploaded by the visitors through a dedicated app. The so-called “Moments” are short video clips made by people attending an event and are displayed on a large screen on the festival site and on the internet as an incentive. These clips catch something a professional camera would probably miss, something personal, something visitors would like to share.

Poor quality video clips are a thing of the past! With such a large audience at Dranouter several people will share a video of the same scene. The ICoSOLECapture App automatically measures the quality of the video and chooses the best quality clips. Further, these clips are reviewed by an editor using efficient filtering tools.
The solutions used
the recorded data at the festival will be presented at the IBC 2015 in Amsterdam (Stand 8.F14, Hall 8).

ICoSOLE provides the latest in immersive audio and video experiences, including 360° video and spatial audio.



DI Georg Thallinger