International Standard for Multimedia Preservation Finalised

DIGITAL is leading contributor to MPEG Multimedia Preservation Application Format

ORF Archive &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

At the 113th MPEG meeting, the Multimedia Preservation Application Format (MP-AF, ISO/IEC 23000-15) has reached the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) stage. MP-AF enables the representation of metadata related to the preservation of digital audiovisual content. At its core, the standard defines a data model with a Digital Item hierarchy of preservation objects and their representations. The related preservation activities (e.g., checking integrity, migration) and actors/tools involved, as well as their properties, can be represented and linked to the Digital Items. The standard addresses eight categories of multimedia preservation description information (MPDI), and defines descriptors for these categories. JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL has been a leading contributor to this standard.

In particular, DIGITAL has worked on the representation of metadata produced by automatic quality analysis tools (such as VidiCert), which has been recently standardized as amendment to MPEG-7 (ISO/IEC 15938-5:2003/Amd 5), and on an open source reference implementation of MP-AF.