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JOANNEUM RESEARCH at European Big Data Value Forum 2018

DIGITAL supports the launch of the Austrian Data Intelligence Offensive.

DI Herwig Zeiner and DI Roland Unterberger presenting MAHMAMT results. Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH
DIO charta signed. Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

The European Big Data Value Forum, held at the Austria Centre Vienna (November 12 and 13), is a key European event for industry professionals, business developers, researchers, and policy makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the European data economy and data-driven innovation in Europe.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH - DIGITAL was represented with Heinz Mayer, Harald Mayer, Herwig Zeiner and Roland Unterberg at this international conference with a focus on Data and AI-driven digital innovation, which is also the key resarch area of our Institute. In particular we used the opportunity to present the results of the RTD project MAHMAMT - Monitoring and Analysis of Heavy Machinery using non-intrusive Measurement Techniques.

Norbert Hofer (Austrian Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology) announced in his opening speech the establishment of the Data Intelligence Offensive (DIO), a collaborative platform of individuals, companies, organizations and public agencies to promote and promote the data economy and the optimized use of technologies.

On Day 2 the DIO was launched with the publication of a first charta, where several stakeholders, including bmvit - Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, bka - Austrian Federal Chancellery, AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Know-Center, Austrian Telekom, ZAMG and JOANNEUM RESEARCH, declared their support and signed the charter. A recording of this session can be found here.




BDVA Forum 2018


Presentation of the Data Intelligence Offensive

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