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DIGITAL presented its concentrated variety of topics at the European Key Event for ICT Research and Innovation, which contribute to the digital transformation of society and industry.

v. l. n. r. Bundesminister Ing. Norbert Hofer, Ing. Thomas Zach (ALP.Lab GmbH) und DI Patrick Luley (JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL) am Stand von „ALP.Lab“, Austrian Village. ICT 2018. Credit: flickr, Copyright BKA/Regina Aigner.
DI Dr. Lucas Paletta (JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL) stellt den sozialen Roboter Pepper für den Einsatz in der häuslichen Pflege vor. Credit: flickr, BKA/Christopher Dunker.
DI Dr. Lucas Paletta (vorne) und DIin Maria Fellner, MBA (rechts) präsentieren das Projekt PLAYTIME mit ICT Lösungen für Menschen mit Demenz. Credit: flickr, BKA/Christopher Dunker.
DI Werner Bailer und DI Georg Thallinger (beide JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL) am „MARCONI“ Stand, ICT2018. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL.
DI Gerald Lodron, DI Dr. Lucas Paletta und DI Kurt Majcen (alle JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL) mit Lösungen zu „Active Assisted Living & Digital Care“ im Austrian Village der ICT2018. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH


From the 4th to the 6th of December 2018, the "ICT 2018: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe", the European key event for research and innovation in information and communication technology (ICT) took place in the "Austria Center Vienna (ACV)". Organized since 1998 by the European Commission (EC), the ICT event is both the largest event of the Austrian EU Presidency and the largest expert meeting organized by the European Union. At the same time, the Conference "Imagine 18 - Technology bridging Generations" took place. The event organized by the Austrian ICT community aims to present top Austrian research results.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH - DIGITAL has been an active participant in these events: During the three days of intensive discussions and meetings with industry experts, policy makers and researchers numerous contacts and potential partnerships were built. The JOANNEUM RESEARCH team inspired the experts by demonstrating the great benefits of innovations in ICT area. Specially the following results and solutions were demonstrated in the exhibition area of the Austrian Village (organized by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology - BMVIT) and in networking sessions:

ALP.Lab – Austrian Test Region for automated driving: DIGITAL is delivering Ultra High Definition Reference Maps (UHDmaps) for test and validation of automated cars. Patrick Luley is leading the development of AI-based workflow for automated reference map creation based on mobile mapping data. The mobile mapping system, which is an outstanding infrastructure unit of the research lab for automated driving developed by Dr. Richard Ladstädter, was an eye catcher at the Austrian Village.

Data Market Austria: The Data Market Austria project establishes a data services ecosystem in Austria by creating a significantly improved technology base for secure data markets and cloud interoperability. With Earth Observation and Mobility applications, DIGITAL demonstrates the innovative capabilities of the new data services ecosystem.

AAL Test Regions: The AAL test region RegionAAL as well as the test region Smart VitAALity, in which DIGITAL is also involved, were represented on the joint stand of the Austrian AAL community by Kurt Majcen. Likewise, the social robot Pepper demonstrated visionary possibilities for the future of aging by supporting the home care of people with dementia in the AMIGO project.

Trustworthy Internet of Things, Project IoT4CPS: DIGITAL is working on Cyber Security Analysis and Verification for IoT components in Cyberphysical Systems in the application areas Industry 4.0 and Automated Driving.

MARCONI: The European research project named after a famous Italian radio pioneer enables interactive and personalized radio using artificial intelligence, was presented by Werner Bailer and Georg Thallinger.

Networking Session "Smart Living": Dr. Lucas Paletta and Maria Fellner, MBA presented with the project PLAYTIME a number of ICT solutions for people with dementia.




ICT 2018: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe

Conference IMAGINE18

ALP.Lab GmbH (Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving)

Data Market Austria

Active and Assisted Living & Digital Care @ DIGITAL


Project AMIGO with the social Robot Pepper