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ÖAGM & ARW Joint Workshop 2017 on vision, automation and robotics

DIGITAL and ROBOTICS were present with both presentations and session chairs

DI Dr. Harald Ganster (DIGITAL) Foto: Peter M. Roth (Inst. f. Maschinelles Sehen und Darstellen/TUG)

ÖAGM/AAPR approaches the thematic of image processing, pattern detection and computer vision, ARW focuses on the image based control of robots and autonomous vehicles.

The annual workshop of the ÖAGM & ARW wants to promote the collaboration of Austrian Computer Vision and robotics communities and serves as integration and exchange platform for current developments of current and new themes in both areas. The program comprises technical discussions and lectures of presented contributions and would like to approach industry as well as research.

On this year’s conference from the 10th to 12th May in Vienna, JOANNEUM RESEARCH was present with following posters and presentations:

  • RobWood - Smart Robotics for Wood Industry
  • Toward Safe Perception in Human-Robot Interaction
  • An Image Analysis System for Selective Recovery of Non-ferrous Metal
  • Automated Quality Assessment of Remelted Steel Ingots
  • Fusion of Point Clouds derived from Aerial Images
  • Line Processes for Highly Accurate Geometric Camera Calibration

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