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Institute DIGITAL presented successful practical examples and assistance systems as well as solutions in the fields of communication, health and safety, which support the active and self-determined life with highest possible quality of life for the elderly people and their relatives.

v.l.n.r.: DI Peter Kastner, MBA (AIT), DI Kurt Majcen (JR), Patric Reicher (Energie Steiermark), Kerstin Löffler, BA, MA (GGZ), Katharina Weinzerl, MSc (HTS), Mag. Doris Stiksl (proHolz Steiermark), DI Dr. Johann Harer (HTS), Hon. Prof. (FH) Dipl. Ing. Mag. Dr. Gerd Hartinger, MPH (GGZ), DI (FH) Erhard Pretterhofer (Holzcluster Steiermark). Credit Styria GmbH


The fact that more and more elderly people need help and support, as well as the challenges of demographic change in the society are raising the question of how to make life, ageing healthier, and calling for active applied research activity. The research area AAL (Active and Assisted Living) helps to respond actively to demographic change by providing age-appropriate assistance systems for a healthy and self-determined life. Digital competence as well as the corresponding technical equipment are important fundamentals for this concept.

A "fast forward 4 you" event has been organized by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency SFG, in cooperation with the Albert Schweitzer Institute of Geriatric Health Centers and with the Styria GmbH. The meeting with the motto "To promote personal responsibility and independence through AAL!" took place on Thursday, 24th of January. Experts from the research field "Health Tech" have been invited to an informative afternoon. The offered platform provided extensive networking opportunities for companies, research institutions in the field of „Health & Care“.

Kurt Majcen presented the Styrian AAL-Test region RegionAAL and the assistance technologies for health, safety and communication in use as well as the broad spectrum of the institute DIGITAL in the area "AAL & Digital Care". RegionAAL integrates technologies adapted to the lives of elder people in their own home so that a higher quality of life and potentially longer stay in the familiar surroundings becomes possible. Three model apartments, which demonstrate the Styrian region, are available for visiting and awaiting for interested guests.



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