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Strategic partnership between JOANNEUM RESEARCH and MeteoSolutions

Institute DIGITAL and MeteoSolutions GmbH start the new 2019 year with the successful signing of the cooperation agreement.

v.l.n.r.: DI Dr. Matthias Rüther, Zhanna Bambach (beide JR), Dipl.-Met Jürgen Lang, Dr. Fanny Kittler (beide MeteoSolutions), Dr. Harald Ganster (JR). MTWE 2018. Foto: JR

The idea of giving the cooperation between Institute DIGITAL and MeteoSolutions GmbH a framework and to further intensify the cooperation between science and industry has proven its value. Both institutions have already working fruitfully together on the development and marketing of the visIvis software. visIvis is an application, which provides camera-based estimation of visibility conditions with the help of image processing techniques. This approach is of central importance for air traffic safety and for the automation of weather observations. Institute DIGITAL and MeteoSolutions have already had joint appearances at meteorological exhibitions and conferences to present the latest versions of the product and research results to a large audience from around the world, from Norway to the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.

The aim of the cooperation is on the one hand to further expand research and development of the visIvis software and on the other hand to put visIvis into multiple practical implementation.





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