Produce and Preserve your Essence in Highest Quality

VidiCert, the versatile solution for efficient automatic and interactive picture quality and content QC applicable to video and film archive digitization, production and delivery workflows, is now available with lots of new features as VidiCert 3.1.
New features presented at NAB include the novel macroblocking and dust&dirt level detectors, new verification capabilities for VTR channel condition, RF level and timecode discontinuities, new user-interface functionality: interlaced video playback, zooming, selectable audio output, audio content verification.
Furthermore, detection performance and capabilities for many detectors are improved, e.g. block dropout, noise level, blurriness level, Digital BETACAM dropouts, field order, interlaced/progressive, cadence. Support for further video and movie formats is added, e.g. AS11 and ProRes.

Please find an introduction to VidiCert in the VidiCert Brochure and further details about its features on the VidiCert data sheet.